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Communication & Stakeholder Liaison

Internal Communication involves the communication with staff and students viathe staff newsletter, e-mail,the staff portal, posters, meetings and functions. The staff newsletter talk@mandela informs staff of news, achievements and information about the university, its staff and students, and endeavours to instill pride and ownership among staff towards the University. An electronic version of talk@mandela appears three to four times per month while the print format is published once a month. The internal communication office also produces the staff telephone directory, the desk and wall calendars and drives information projects for staff and students as well as the University student diary.

Contact Information
Ms Elma de Koker
Ms Elma de Koker
Position: Internal Communication Practitioner
Department: Marketing & Corporate Relations
Room: New Admin Building Room 123
Location: North Campus
Phone: 041-504 2160
Fax: 041-504 2810